Tracy Shorter

Whenever you interact with Tracy Shorter one thing for sure is going to happen, you will leave encouraged, supported and have a new cheerleader in this journey we call LIFE!  With a strong servant heart and over 12 years of strategic planning experience, she has been helping women fulfill their vision and create memories through weddings, special events, travel and her non-profit work under Tracy Shorter Enterprises.

Then in 2016, the Lord spoke the word BELIEVE to Tracy and unbeknownst to her she would need it more than ever in 2018 as life did a shift and a unexpected health forecast came without warning.  After months of prayer the message to that one simple word BELIEVE was not just clear to Tracy, but that she was to spread that message to those around her.  A new purpose unfold, not just to create the beauty of the event, but to help women uncover their purpose and develop a plan to walk and live it every day!

Tracy’s story is powerful and could speak to the lives of many women. If you are going in circles trying to find your fit or doing it all for everyone but yourself; then Tracy is the cheerleader you need to help you GET IN THE GAME!

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