Dr. Patricia Hollingsworth

Patricia Hollingsworth formerly known as Patricia  is a free-lance writer who is blossoming into a best seller. She is best known for her incredible insight & ability to work her creative imagination. She is a song & screenplay writer.

She is the current Author her of book “From Vulnerable to Reformed, He healed the hole in my soul.” She is the CEO/Founder of Woman at The Well Ministry Inc. which is a nonprofit organization that provides support to Domestic Violence & Rape Victims. She is an Ordained Elder & Prophetess. She is an ordained Apostle and completed her doctorate degree.

Her Passion is to see the hurting healed, set free & delivered as well seeing the plans of the enemy. Patricia's other heartbeat is to building healthy relationship thru kingdom principals to produce kingdom marriages! She is an overcomer of many things from Domestic Violence, Divorce, Depression, overcoming rape and sexual abuse etc. She had to deal with a lot of jealousy within her life. You will see extraordinary strength in her beyond measure even as a child that caused her to triumph over many mountains in her life. She learned a valuable lesson about keeping silent & keeping secrets, it only hurts you and protects the perpetrator. She beat defeat at its own game. 

To purchase her books, go to www.amazon.com.