Deborah Franklin

Entrepreneur, journalist author, media coach and speaker, Deborah Franklin believes everyone can reach their fullest potential if they work hard at it. And she is the perfect example of hard work. As co-host of the “The Tea” an online television show that discusses all things books and on her own show “Conversations w/Deborah Franklin.” Deborah brings her dynamic personality and high energy to enlightening and fun conversations with a wide range of guests on a variety of topics.  

As well as her on-line/on-air projects, Franklin teaches Mass Media at a high school and is also an active ordained minister who brings both voices, secular and spiritual to her “conversations.”  Deborah uses all of expertise to encourage others to publish their stories through her own publishing company, Deborah Franklin Publishing Concierge.

A native of Houston Texas, Deborah has completed both a BA in Communications and Masters in Educational Leadership.